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French Finesse
South Florida Flare

Offering the tastiest bites with impeccable display in South Florida

Regalia Catering has put together its skills and knowledge in the food industry acquired both in Europe and in the United States to offer a wide selection of savory and sweets bites that would enrich your next event. 

Baby Shower, anniversary, wedding, private or corporate events, Regalia Catering will have the perfect selection for you. 

Upon request, Regalia Catering can host your private event at our Boca Raton location, the perfect venue for a tea party, luncheon, Baby Shower or private dinner. 



From $4 to $4.50 each - Minimum quantity 12

Ham Swiss.jpg
Ham Brie.jpg
Goat Almond.jpg

Mini Baguettes

From $5 to $5.50 each - Minimum quantity 10

Ham Baguette 1.jpg
Ham Baguette 2_edited.jpg
Proscuitto Baguette 1.jpg
Proscuitto Baguette 2_edited.jpg

Turkey Baguette 1.jpg
Turkey Baguette 2_edited.jpg
Nova Baguette 2.jpg
Nova Baguette 1_edited_edited.jpg
Caprese Baguette 1.jpg
Caprese Baguette 2_edited.jpg


From $3.50 to $5.50 each - Minimum quantity 8 per flavor

Hummus 1.jpg
Hummus 2_edited.jpg
Zupetta 1.jpg
Zupetta 2_edited.jpg

Nova Guac 1.jpg
Nova Guac 2_edited.jpg
Tomato Feta 1.jpg
Tomato Feta 2_edited.jpg
Tom Proscuitto 1.jpg
Tom Proscuitto 2_edited.jpg

Meat & Cheese

Regalia Logo_edited.jpg

$60 per Box - For 2 to 4 people


$300 each - Sized for 15 to 20 people

Skewers & Bites

From $2.75 to $3.50 each - Minimum quantity 10 per flavor

Tomato Skewer.jpg
Tomato Skewer 2_edited.jpg
Salami Skewer.jpg
Salami Skewer 2_edited.jpg

From $2.75 to $3.50 each - Minimum quantity 10 per flavor

pigs in a blanket food in a white marble
Regalia Logo_edited.jpg
vol au vent mini puff pastries topped wi
Regalia Logo_edited.jpg

Wrap Rolls

From $2.75 to $3.50 each - Minimum quantity 12 per flavor

Wraps Ham.jpg
Wraps Ham 2_edited.jpg
Wraps Turkey.jpg
Wraps Turkey 2_edited.jpg
Wraps Tomato.jpg
Wraps Tomato 2_edited.jpg



Regalia Logo_edited.jpg

Choice of

Ham and Swiss Cheese

Vegetable and Swiss Cheese

Artichoke and Swiss Cheese

Broccoli and Cheddar Cheese

Spinach and Feta Cheese

Four Cheese

Serves from 6 to 12 people

$60 for 1 - $50 each for 2+

Salad 2_edited.jpg

Mix Green, Tomato, Red onion, Feta cheese,

Walnut, Raisins, Cranberries, Croutons.

Balsamic and Raspberry dressin


Serves from 5 to 10 people

$22 each

Add Chicken or Turkey +$12

Add Nova Salmon+$16

Mini Croissants

multiple crispy mini croissants  on whit
Regalia Logo_edited.jpg

Choice of

Mini Plain Croissants - 0.90oz

Mini Chocolate Croissants - 1.1oz

Mini Raisin Croissants - 1.24 oz

Mini Apple Turnover - 1.40oz

From $1.75 to $2.15 each

Minimum quantity 25 per flavor

Increments of 5 per flavor above minimum


Crunchy Chocolate and Hazelnut

12"x4" - Up to 10 servings - $50 each


12"x4" - Up to 10 servings - $50 each


16"x4" - Up to 12 servings - $55

opera chocolate rectangular strip 12_ x
Regalia Logo_edited.jpg
multiple crepes folded in triangle shape
Regalia Logo.jpg

Choice of


Raspberry Preserve


From $2.75 to $3.75 each

Minimum quantity 8 per flavor

Choice of 

Fresh Fruit Salad

Strawberry, Honey, Almond

$3.75 each

Minimum quantity 8

Fruit 1.jpg
Fruit 2_edited.jpg
multiple french macarons chocolate, vani
Regalia Logo_edited.jpg

A dozen Assorted French Macarons

Chocolate - Vanila

Coffee - Pistachio

Lemon - Raspberry

$21 per Dozen - $18 per Extra Dozen

several madeleines pastry cookie on whit
Regalia Logo_edited.jpg


Chocolate Chips

White Chocolate Macadamia Nuts

From $1.50 to $2.50 each

Minimum quantity 10 per flavor

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